Our Staff

Our Staff

Our highly competent staff has extensive experience and training in economics, market research, survey and interview methods, and financial analysis:

Robert Niehaus, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Robert is widely recognized for his expertise in the economics of military housing, water resources, and environmental quality. He has assisted the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the different military services in developing and implementing the criteria, methods, and procedures used to project housing requirements and set housing allowances for military installations. He has conducted water resource and rate-setting analyses nation-wide with a particular focus on California. His work in the economics of environmental quality encompasses growth impact assessment and planning; non-market valuation of view enhancement and preservation; energy and climate change; and the recreational and tourism sectors. He has forecast transportation demand for high-speed train systems, mountain-area cable projects, and auto commuter routes. He has served as principal-in-charge for facilities acquisition, weapon system deployment, privatization, base realignment and closure, water resources, energy, transportation, and other projects for all of the uniformed services; the U.S. Departments of Energy, Transportation, Commerce, and Homeland Security; the State of California; and numerous local governments and private organizations. He has successfully directed completion of hundreds of contract research efforts throughout the United States, Europe, the Pacific, and East Asia. His prior experience includes work in private consulting, the non-profit sector, and as an economist with the Federal government in Washington, D.C. His Ph.D. (U. of Maryland, 1979) is in economics and his B.A. (Oberlin College, 1972) is in government.

Katherine Cowell, M.A.

Senior Market Analyst

Katherine is the Program Manager for Housing Analyses. She has served as project manager for more than 100 HMAs world-wide. Her areas of expertise are housing market analysis, socioeconomic evaluation, demographic analysis, survey and interview research, land use planning, and assessment of environmental impacts of military, industrial, and commercial projects. She directs the firm’s efforts for the DOD HMAs and serves as technical lead for military personnel surveys and demographic studies. Her M.A. (Claremont Graduate University, 1981) is in applied social research and her B.A. (Wellesley College, 1977) is in psychology (minor in economics).

Ian Monsma, B.A.

Program Manager, Basic Allowance for Housing Data Collection

Ian manages RDN’s data collection and analysis services for the U.S. Department of Defense’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) program. Since joining the firm in 2009, his work has primarily focused on advising the armed forces as to their foreign and domestic housing needs through a combination of economic modeling, survey design/research, and geospatial analysis. Ian also supports RDN’s business development and corporate strategy initiatives. His B.A. (Pomona College, 2009) is in Economics.

Ichiko Kido, M.B.A.

Program Manager, Water Rate Studies 

Ichiko has extensive experience in water agency financial analysis, Cost of Service (COS) analysis, rate design, and applied economic research. She has lead several water/sewer rate study projects and built customized COS models to help agencies be compliant with required laws and regulations and to meet their short-term and long-term financial goals. She also managed or conducted more than 65 comparative water rate analyses, compiling and analyzing primary- and secondary-source data on water rates and purveyor financial account information for more than 200 water agencies throughout California. She has prepared housing market analyses for military bases throughout the United States and in Japan. She has wide-ranging experience in survey research and program evaluation. She is skilled at survey interviewing, survey administration procedures, survey techniques, database management, and statistical analysis. She is bilingual, fluent in English and Japanese. Her M.B.A. is from the Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics (CSU Channel Islands) and her B.A. (Fukuoka University, Japan) is in law and education.

Cindy Gau, M.S.

Market Analyst

Cindy has conducted comparative water rate analyses, compiled and analyzed primary- and secondary-source data on water rates and financial information for more than two hundred purveyors throughout California. She has also analyzed data on military personnel surveys and prepared local-area housing market forecasts based on area housing supply and military personnel demands for over 100 military installations throughout the United States. She has overseen the creation, expansion, and comparison of rental databases for over 150 military installation market areas worldwide. Her related experience includes website maintenance, database management, and software development. She is trilingual, fluent in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese. Her M.S. (U. of Minnesota, 1989) is in computer science and her B.S. (National Taiwan University, 1984) is in horticulture.

Jack Lyon, B.A.

Business Development & Market Analyst

Jack manages RDN’s business development, strategy, proposals, and partnership efforts. He also supports RDN’s Housing Analyses program with the Armed Services by collecting and modeling housing data to forecast market conditions. He has served as a Team Lead for the Company’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) data collection program. His B.A. (James Madison College at Michigan State University, 2013) is in Political Theory, Phi Beta Kappa.

Miki Hashimoto, B.A.

Market Analyst

Miki has served as project manager for more than 20 HMAs world-wide and has performed over 80 HMAs for DOD clients which included on-site field investigations and the interviewing of real estate professionals, local government planners, and installation personnel. She has worked with Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard installations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, Romania, Japan, Singapore, and Korea. She has developed databases on local market area demographics, housing statistics, and rental housing characteristics, estimated current housing stock, and prepared forecasts of home prices, population and interest rates. She has prepared over 300 installation specific market area maps and survey maps. She provides support for business development, proposal preparation, contract administration, and GIS analysis. She is bilingual, fluent in English and Japanese. Her B.A. (Claremont McKenna College, 2007) is in International relations, Asian studies, and Asian American studies, and she has lived and studied in Japan for more than three years.

Jessica Solis, B.A.

Office Administrator & Market Analyst

Jessica has collected and analyzed rental housing market data and military personnel survey data for Army, Marine Corps, and Navy installations around the U.S. and Spain. Her experience includes telephone interviewing, internet data searches, data entry, quality assurance reviews, and project data file maintenance across a broad spectrum of company projects. She is responsible for monthly billing and invoicing in addition to contract administration. She is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. Jessica received her B.A. from California State University, Channel Islands.

Jennifer Wolfcale, B.A.

Market Analyst

Jennifer manages a team of researchers, provides customer service and quality assurance, and assists with in-person training and on-site client meetings for the Company’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) data collection program. She has conducted on-site data collection and evaluation of final data sets in select military housing areas. She has also compiled and analyzed economic and housing market data for military installations in the U.S. and Belgium. Her B.A. is in History of Public Policy (University of California, Santa Barbara, 2011).

Elizabeth Schmitt, B.A.

Market Analyst

Elizabeth is the point of contact for technical support and customer service for the Company’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) data collection program. She has managed market research teams, assisted in on-site and remote training for regional data collection efforts, and conducted on-site data collection for selected military housing areas throughout the U.S. for the BAH program. Additionally, she has compiled housing market data for military installations throughout the U.S. She has provided editorial and administrative support across a spectrum of company projects. Elizabeth received her B.A. in Political Science from State University of New York at Buffalo.

Debbie Castanha, B.S.

Market Analyst

Debbie has compiled and analyzed economic and housing market data and prepared housing market assessments for Army, Marine Corps, and Navy installations in the U.S. She has performed telephone interviews and data entry for market assessments, conducted interviews with water purveyors, as well as provided research and analysis of utilities consumption. Debbie received her B.S. from California Polytechnic State University, S.L.O. in Business.

Giovanna Anghera-Munoz, B.A.Giovanna 11.13.13 website

Market Analyst

Giovanna has compiled and analyzed economic and housing market data and prepared housing market assessments for Army, Marine Corps, and Navy installations in the U.S. She has performed telephone interviews and data entry for market assessments and conducted interviews with water purveyors. She is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish with basic French language capabilities.  Giovanna received her B.A. in Italian and Spanish / Latin-American Literature (UC Santa Barbara, 1992).

Anthony Elowsky, B.A.

Market Analyst

Anthony has conducted comparative water rate analyses, compiled and analyzed primary- and secondary-source data on water rates and financial information for more than 200 water purveyors. He has collected BAH rental data for over 150 military housing areas across the country. He has also conducted on-site housing market field investigations including interviews of property managers, real estate agents, and installation personnel. His M.A. research has been published and presented in multiple academic forums where it obtained a variety of research grants. Anthony received his B.A. in Anthropology (California State University, Los Angeles, 2014) and will receive his M.A. in Anthropology (California State University, Fullerton) in Fall 2018.

Bjorn Kallerud, M.Sc.


Bjorn is a quantitative economist specializing in application of statistical programming to water rate and housing market analysis. He is an integral part of RDN’s water, housing, and regional econometric modeling teams. He has conducted demand and financial analyses in support of rate-setting for water agencies in San Bernardino County, California. He has prepared a housing market assessment for the U.S. Army’s Watervliet Arsenal (Albany, NY) and analyzed alternative methodologies for DOD’s Basic Allowance for Housing program. His M.Sc. in Economics is from the Stockholm School of Economics (emphasis in applied economic analysis), and his B.A. in Economics is from U.C. Santa Barbara (with distinction). His master’s thesis addressed the effects of drought on irrigation decisions regarding use of ground water and surface water in the agricultural sector.