Military Installation Planning

Providing accurate and timely insights throughout project planning life-cycles

RDN provides economic analyses that help planners navigate complex problems to find cost-effective solutions to military requirements.

RDN works closely with planners, architects, and engineers to develop cost-effective, comprehensive solutions for military installation planning projects. Our work assists whole-installation projects by evaluating the costs, benefits, and socioeconomic impacts of various planning scenarios in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other relevant legislation. These analyses are tailored to our clients’ needs and may include a wide range of impacts, including a project’s effects on land use, economic growth, housing, public services and finances, traffic congestion, public health and safety, and noise and air quality.

Our economists provide life-cycle cost assessments to determine the most feasible and effective options of capital projects, especially the development or privatization of military housing and other facilities. Our experience and expertise help planners optimize funding allocations to maximize the benefits from public-private partnerships. We also engage with stakeholders, including public hearings, to present the results of environmental impact assessments and solicit comments from interested parties. Throughout the life-cycle of your project, RDN’s host of services offer accurate and timely insights that fuel project development.