Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis

Assessing economic and fiscal impacts to improve our clients’ decision-making

Since RDN’s founding in 1983, we have specialized in analyzing the economic and fiscal impacts of public- and private-sector projects and policies

Our staff have completed hundreds of economic and fiscal impact analyses across the U.S. and worldwide. These studies have covered a wide range of topics and industries, including cost-benefit analyses of public-sector projects such as military housing, flood protection, and government research programs; financial feasibility evaluations of public-private partnerships for outsourced facilities and services; and assessments quantifying the benefits of data transfer standards in the transportation and electronics industries. Our economic, socioeconomic, and fiscal impact analyses have applied both econometric and input-output (IO) models to major Federal projects such as military base realignments and closures (BRAC), weapons systems deployments, offshore oil and gas development, high-speed rail construction and operation, and uranium mining projects. We have also evaluated the probable size of markets newly created by advances in technology, changes in regulatory requirements, or other institutional factors.

Depending on our client’s needs, our analyses can retroactively assess the impact of past events and/or include economic projections, forecasts, and recommendations that help clients prepare for the future. For example, we have assisted the US Environmental Protection Agency in assessing the outlook for port trade volumes and prepared long-term trade and economic forecasts for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). Additionally, we assisted the states of Alaska and California in determining appropriate policies for fishery resource use based on market demands from recreational and commercial sources.