US Army Worldwide Housing Requirements

Assessing housing requirements for Army installations around the world

RDN has completed five-year assessments of on-post housing requirements for nearly all Army installations in the United States and selected overseas installations in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

The Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM) is charged with planning, budgeting, and supporting implementation of all housing projects at Army installations worldwide, with annual capital budgets for these efforts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. RDN has served as the requirements determination contractor for OACSIM for over twenty years, supporting the critical first step of the resource allocation process.

Our impact assessments, built on detailed census-tract-level geographic databases, provide critical economic context to the projection of housing requirements at Army installations. Each housing market analysis involves comprehensive telephone, internet, and on-site data collection in the area surrounding each installation to ascertain current rental housing market conditions and provide market forecasts.  We apply proprietary modeling, approved by the Army and Office of the Secretary of Defense, to forecast housing requirements by rank and bedroom entitlement and to estimate the market share of suitable-quality, affordable rentals up to five years in the future.

Since military housing deficits must be addressed through Army action (through privatized housing or appropriated funding), our work formed the basis for OACSIM budgetary analyses as well as Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) projects to privatize on-post housing. Our projections of requirements were critical determinants of the scope of RCI projects planned at nearly all major Army installations.

  • Testimonials

    “Many thanks for everything you did this year. I know it was a challenging year with all the military changes and I wanted you to know that I really appreciate the patience you had with us when we asked you to meet impossible timelines.”

    Deborah H. Reynolds

    former Family Housing Requirements Program Manager, OACSIM, U.S. Army
    “Your efforts in supporting out Housing Market Analysis process have been outstanding and are vital in positioning Army Family Housing to provide the best possible support to our soldiers”

    George F. McKimmie

    Chief, Army Housing at Carisle Barracks