Survey Design and Implementation

Survey Design and Implementation

Survey data compiled for specific populations critical to accomplishment of client objectives are generally the most reliable source of information on market characteristics and program requirements.

We have accomplished this through a variety of implementation mechanisms to include online, paper, and email surveys. Our survey services concentrate on four technical areas: personnel surveys, household surveys, program beneficiary surveys, and survey support.

Personnel Surveys

Organizations frequently need current and accurate information on the demographic characteristics and preferences of their own personnel. Of particular importance in this area is the need for good housing information for US military personnel. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing detailed surveys of the demographic and housing characteristics of military personnel. We use this information to provide critical program management information on housing requirements to the headquarters of each of the armed services. We have performed these services for all four military services at more than 40 installations worldwide.

Household Surveys

Clients may require assistance in conducting surveys of households to ascertain key program behavior parameters. We have performed such surveys for transportation and sport-fishing industries. For the San Bernardino Association of Governments we conducted household surveys to compile data needed to forecast demand for alternative non-highway transportation systems between the Big Bear Mountains ski resorts and the Los Angeles Basin. For the states of Alaska and California we conducted household surveys to estimate sport-fishing demand and market and non-market values of outdoor recreation. In both cases we developed a representative sample of potential users, identified names and addresses from official government sources, conducted the survey, performed follow-up calls as needed, entered and validated the responses, tabulated the results, and used the resulting databases to estimate econometric demand models for the activities.

Program Beneficiary Surveys

Our clients need to know whether their programs, products and services are effective in reaching intended populations and achieving desired goals. We have performed such surveys for the California State Department of Education to assess impacts of selected courses on student lives post-graduation and Housing Preference Surveys for military members.

Survey Support

Clients may have the capacity to administer surveys in-house, but need assistance with the processing and analysis of the survey data collected. For example, we have worked in tandem with numerous military installations to collect, compile, and analyze survey data for their personnel in uniform. The bases conducted the surveys and performed the initial data entry, while we checked and proofed the data, summarized, tabulated, and analyzed the results for use in follow-on analyses.

Protecting survey participant privacy

Robert D. Niehaus, Inc. (RDN) has been retained by the military services to produce accurate, relevant statistics about military personnel, but we recognize that it is your information that we collect to produce these statistics.

At RDN, we are committed to handling your information with responsibility and respect. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to protect your privacy. Federal laws that protect the confidentiality of your information include the Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act and the Privacy Act.

How we protect your privacy

  • Names are removed from our data files at the end of the data collection period.
  • The information we collect is used for statistical purposes only.
  • The information is not reported or transferred to any party in a form that is individually identifiable.
  • The information we collect is for military use only (if applicable).

Electronic Security

  • We protect our network, including all computers and servers, with Firewalls.
  • We use encryption technology on our websites. To protect your privacy, all web data submissions, including survey responses, are encrypted.