BAH Training

Training military housing offices on the Basic Allowance for Housing

RDN trains and supports military housing offices tasked with contributing to the military housing entitlement program.

RDN is the Federal contractor for the Department of Defense’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) program. Critical stakeholders in this program are the local military housing officers (MHOs) who are responsible for housing related programs in a designated geographical area. MHOs are active contributors to the data collection for BAH, offering on the ground insight and local expertise. As such, RDN leads MHOs in annual training on the process, purpose and technicalities of the complex program.

At the beginning of each data collection season, RDN conducts on-site trainings around the country with the most up-to-date information regarding the BAH process. These onsite trainings introduce the program and elaborate on the MHOs role in the wider context of the BAH data collection. On-site trainings allow MHOs to ask questions in person and collaborate with their colleagues from other military installations. MHOs that are unable to attend on-site training also have the option to join one of two condensed online webinars. In addition to the training webinars, RDN holds question and answer sessions before each of the three data collection milestones. These Q&A sessions are an opportunity for BAH stakeholders to review their goals and responsibilities as well as ask questions in an open forum.

To supplement these trainings, RDN offers written materials designed to answer anticipated questions or issues that MHOs may have. These materials are available to MHOs through our proprietary user interface. Finally, RDN takes pride in providing accessibility and transparency in the program. MHOs are able to reach out directly to dedicated RDN staff who can answer specific or unique questions not answered through other training materials.

  • Testimonials

    “RDN provided very detailed information. This year was the most informative training to date.”

    Training Attendee

    2019 MHO Training, Seattle, WA
    “RDN instructors were great at simplifying the ideas for personnel new to data collection.”

    Training Attendee

    2019 MHO Training, Tampa, FL