US Army Housing Training

Providing training and support for U.S. Army housing professionals

RDN (as a part of the AMC-Niehaus Joint Venture) provided the US Army’s Office of the Chief of Staff of Installation Management (OACSIM) with course development and on-site training for US Army Military Housing Office personnel.

The development of the multi-module training curricula included online interactive computer training (eLearning) as well as classroom sessions (schoolhouse training) for 200+ housing professionals.  Course topics included tiered levels of experience for Army Family Housing, General Flag Officer Quarters, Housing Service Organizations, Residential Community Initiative, and Unaccompanied Housing.  A typical module for a schoolhouse training was a week-long course conducted by a senior and junior instructor at a regional location determined by OACSIM.  Materials produced and provided by RDN staff included a Course Leader’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, Participant’s Workbook, and briefs for course delivery.  The project required the implementation and refinement of a comprehensive Quality Control program throughout all phases of course development, course revision, course presentation, and meeting, workshop, and conference planning.

The AMC-Niehaus Joint Venture employed a large number of consultants as subject matter experts and instructors which include former heads of Military Housing Offices worldwide, university professors, and former Department of Defense installation management personnel.