US Coast Guard Nationwide Survey

Providing insight into service member’s housing experiences and preferences

RDN’s Housing Market Survey and Analyses helped the United States Coast Guard assess the customer satisfaction of military housing and identify areas for improvement.

RDN contributed to the US Coast Guard’s (USCG) Nationwide Housing Study as a subcontractor to CardnoTEC, Inc., completing the Housing Market Survey and Analyses; the online Requirements Assessment and Forecasting Tool ; and the design, implementation, and analysis of a nationwide customer satisfaction survey of over 14,000 active-duty personnel.

RDN’s nationwide survey of all active-duty personnel in the USCG met two principal objectives:

  1. Gathering the demographic information necessary for studies of housing requirements
  2. Helping USCG leadership listen to their “customers,” unit commanders, and officers-in-charge in order to identify areas of concern regarding the need for housing, the condition and function of existing housing, and adverse impacts of housing on missions.

Additionally, the survey provided various metrics for quantifying customer satisfaction with housing and communities at large. Our comprehensive report provided detailed analysis by pay grade, district, installation, number of dependents, and a variety of other factors.