US Marine Corps Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Helping assess and improve resident satisfaction of Marines worldwide

RDN's Resident Satisfaction Survey assessed Marines' satisfaction with military housing and provided recommendations for improvement.

RDN conducted a tenant satisfaction survey for the U.S. Marine Corps. The survey was administered to over 90,000 Marines spanning more than 20 installations worldwide. The results of the survey were used to provide Marine housing offices and leadership with a more comprehensive understanding of resident needs and priorities for living facilities and services.

RDN invited residents to take the online survey by email and mailed letters. These invitations included unique access codes that helped the Marine Corps ensure that results were accurate and not vulnerable to overrepresentation. To promote the survey, RDN designed and produced a variety of multimedia advertisements including video clips, newspaper articles, LED reader board signs, and engagement letters.

It was important that RDN tailor the survey to be relevant to participants at different installations around the world, omitting questions that did not pertain to the participant’s own housing type. Questions addressed a range of topics including quality of housing, maintenance, amenities, and leasing services. RDN also provided technical support to survey participants with a support hotline and email address managed by RDN staff. While RDN offered comprehensive support, a real-time administrative dashboard, and used personalized questionnaires, results of the survey were kept confidential at every step of the process.

At the conclusion of the survey, RDN provided summary results at various levels, allowing housing offices to identify feedback all the way down to specific neighborhoods and barracks. Additionally, RDN analysts parsed thousands of Marine comments and suggestions, and combined qualitative and quantitative analysis to provide recommendations for actions that would improve resident satisfaction.